Roseburg Home(birth)

  14353946745_9fec4a03f6_c                                                         Congratulations!

     Your pregnancy is a wonderful opportunity to grow as a person as well as a family. It is a special time and deserves to be treated as such.

     By choosing a midwife, you are choosing to manage your own care.  This means that you make the decisions. 

     By hiring a midwife, you are paying for years of training, conferences, up to date knowledge, evidence based recommendations, experience and the support in someone who takes the time to get to know you and believes in you.  This is an empowering process that can give you a feeling a sense of satisfaction and peace. And is vital in any growth.

     It is important to me as a midwife to maintain a low risk practice so there is much client education at every appointment. The common  focuses are on your physical state which includes diet and exercise and your emotional state which is everything else.  

     I have a gentle, understanding approach that is non judgmental. I encourage questions and I take the time to answer them. If questions come up, you have the option of reaching me by phone.

    Your care is confidential and customized to your needs.

     As a Roseburg midwife, I serve Douglas County. Your appointments are done in your home. At your leisure.  

     By investing in yourself, your birth, you are investing in a better tomorrow.  You deserve it, your baby deserves it.  

     Take advantage of the free consultation to see if homebirth is a safe option for you.  

     Call (707) 599-6589 today.